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Find the right developer for your company’s business requirements through Volenday’s remote IT staffing service.

We offer a hassle-free recruitment, qualification and placement approach that provides you with a professional account manager that matches your needs with the right software developer to fill the gaps in technology requirements and keep your business competitive in the digital marketplace.

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Our software developers are trained in cutting-edge and mainstream programming platforms while being affordable as our location is offshore.

Our reliable and cost-effective remote staffing solutions are a good fit for organizations from start-up to enterprise sizes with talents sourced offshore yet trained in the key development languages needed to enable your business.

Our remote IT staffing service takes an approach that is high-end, turnkey and straight-forward.

You have full control of the selection and hiring process making sure that the resource you choose will not only match your needs but also your culture and your outlook for the business.

Our aim is to provide you with the technical skill expansion you need with highly trained remote IT professionals in the most cost-effective and flexible manner for your continued success and growth.